National Hockey League (NHL) – Predictions for Today

The National Hockey League (NHL) is a professional organization that includes teams from the USA and Canada. It originates from 1917 where the league was represented only by four clubs. Today their number has increased to 31, which makes NHL the most famous hockey tournament in the world.

The Internal Structure Of The Championship

In the regular season, each team plays 41 matches at home and away. They are competing for the main prize – the Stanley Cup, which is awarded to the club-winner of the same-name playoffs. The first team in the league (by the number of points) receives the President’s Cup. Individual players are also awarded for the number of goals and handoffs, the smallest number of missed goals.

Matches of the Stanley Cup are exceptionally rich and entertaining. It is a knockout tournament in which clubs play series of up to four wins. A draw is impossible. In such a case, they appoint overtime (20 minutes) with the participation of five hockey players from both sides (in the regular season three players represent each team). If the winner is not found during this time, the meeting continues until the first delivered puck.

All-Stars Match

Hockey match with the best NHL players is held since 1947. At different times, the principles of selecting participants were significantly different. The games were held separately between the hockey players of the Western and Eastern confederations, national teams of North America and other countries. For a long time, the two best captains formed their teams. Starting from the season 2015/2016 they introduced a new format with the confrontation of three-to-three divisions. The most effective player in the history of the All-Stars Match is Wayne Gretzky, who scored 25 points in 17 matches.

Hockey Predictions And Betting Opportunities

Hockey experts make predictions for NHL, based on tracking the match results and analyzing data. Analysts and betting professionals use such data in their work as:

  • total of past competitions with participation of certain teams;
  • second team;
  • home or away match as well as the results of previous matches in the same conditions;
  • the history of contests between rivals;
  • unexpected changes of the team members (injury, disqualification) and coach.

NHL predictions for today require the study of statistics. Numerous programs facilitate the data collection and analysis. Monitoring sports news and considering the opinion of experts and experienced players are extremely necessary.

The odds for hockey matches in the NHL have some features. Before the start of the regular championship, the teams hold five or more meetings. They are used to form a team list and develop tactics. But the results do not always reflect the reality. In the league, the difference in scores between the first and last teams of the standings is small that indicates unpredictability of outcomes. The frequency of matches in the tournament is rather high. On occasion the teams have five games per week, so the game performance is significantly reduced. Even if the club has a lack of motivation for the further competition in the tournament, it tends to show average results.

So, only experts can make accurate predictions for NHL matches. You should not think that you can make one bet based on your intuition, and break the jackpot on the stakes. The roles of luck and data analysis are approximately equal. Therefore, high-quality predictions for the National Hockey League can become a source of regular earnings in the bookmakers.

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