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Hockey is popular not only among fans of active sports but gamblers who make bets on bookmakers. And although in the CIS countries it is not so widespread, then in the US and Canada hockey is much more popular than football. Therefore, the list of events and the betting lines are quite broad.

The Main Types of Hockey Bets

Just register and replenish your own BO account, and it will open for you the way to real earnings with successful bets on hockey matches. Their variability is practically the same as of any other team sport. Bettors conclude the following wagers:

  1. On the outcome. You can bet on the victory of the first or second team in the regular time (3 periods).
  2. On the final result. In hockey, there may be overtime or a series of shootouts in extra time, and the wagers conclude on their outcome.
  3. The total of pucks in the goal. A bettor can try to predict the total number of both teams’ goals in regular time. Bets are also possible on the total for one of the periods or a specific player.
  4. With a handicap. Odds differing from 0.5 and 1.5 are happening very rarely. The outcome in the main time of the match is taken into account.
  5. On the exact count. Bets are made on the exact result of the main or additional time.
  6. On the effectiveness of the periods. A bettor determines the time with a more significant number of goals.
  7. On the team’s pass. This option is possible in different tournaments and cups. A bettor bets on the throw of the selected team to the next stage or final.
  8. On the result of the “host-guest” match. Such a bet is popular among experienced botters who track matches of regular championships.

Best Tournaments for Betting

There are many national hockey championships and international tournaments, the most popular of which are two: NHL and KHL. The National Hockey League (NHL) brings together the clubs of the USA and Canada. It is the largest, most popular and spectacular professional league in the world. 31 teams compete annually for the Stanley Cup. Among the features of the championship, which will be useful in making hockey predictions, the high saturation of matches should be highlighted. Sometimes teams can play for several days in a row, being exhausted before the next games. Therefore even obvious favorites often lose.

The Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) unites teams from Russia, Slovakia, China, Latvia, Belarus, and Finland. 27 clubs are fighting for the Gagarin Cup. Due to the participation of Far Eastern teams from

Russia and China, when making hockey predictions, the KHL takes into account the change of time zones. Often bookmakers display as the primary total 4.5 goals.

Choosing a Hockey Prediction of High Quality

Professional cappers are the ones who handle the accurate predictions. It’s difficult for an average bettor to do that by his own, especially considering the bright advertising of bookmakers’ events. Most of hockey predictions matches are accessible only for money because experts spend a lot of time and energy on analyzing information. Sometimes you can find free materials from cappers who want to attract the attention of users. When you found the right capper, it is necessary to estimate the number of his successful bids, the percentage of profitability, and the effectiveness of the strategy.

Hockey predictions from professionals do not guarantee an accurate outcome of bets. It is only the expert’s opinion on how this or that competition will end. The experts conduct a thorough analysis of information, so the bettor relies more on statistics and experience than on luck.

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