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The popularity of football as a sport has become the main reason for its popularity for bookmakers. Many users, considering themselves as experts in this area, think they can just make a bet and break the jackpot immediately. But in fact, it is necessary to analyze and know the factors that influence the outcome of events.

Types of Bets on Football in the BOs

One of the most common mistakes of newcomers is fast bets without understanding the differences between their types. After all, you can bet not only on the win or draw result but other outcomes. Some bookmakers offer unique variants of betting, for example, on a goal scored by a goalkeeper or a specific player’s injury. The following types of rates considered as the most common ones:

  1. The main outcome. A bettor bets on the first team (V1), the draw (X), or the opponent’s victory (V2).
  2. Double chance. It is an extended version of the previous type. It provides for such possibilities: 1X (V1 or X), X2 (V2 or X), 12 (V1 or V2).
  3. Total match. It is the bet on the number of goals scored in the match. The total can be bigger or lower. The BO sets its value, and the customer makes a football prediction for whether more or fewer goals will be scored.
  4. Asian Handicap. Bets on the winner of the match are accepted taking into account the advantages (odds). Better puts on the winning team with a plus or minus point. For example, a handicap -1.5 is taken to win the club of Shakhtar in competition with the Italian Roma. The client earns if the club from Donetsk wins with a difference of two or more goals.
  5. The exact account. This type is rather complicated, and here it is necessary to define the precise score of the match (also, it differs from others with higher coefficients).

Best Betting Tournaments

Large bookmakers offer a wide list of football matches. Not only matches of the strongest European clubs but national championships of some African or Asian countries are displayed. But the famous championships and tournaments, for which it is easier to find statistics, online broadcasting, and expert opinions, are much more popular. Most of the football predictions are related to the following tournaments:

  • Champions League,
  • The Europa League,
  • FIFA World Cup (Europe, Asia, America),
  • English Premier League,
  • Spanish Primera,
  • German Bundesliga,
  • national championships in Italy, France, Netherlands, and Ukraine.

In international championships, long-term bets are popular, which includes the choice of the winner or finalists a few months before the event. It is recommended to focus on a single championship, studying its statistics.

How to Choose the Football Match Prediction?

Sports predictions are not hundred percent accurate data, but an assessment of the chances and the determination of the most likely outcome of the event. Professional cappers choose the rate, estimating the correlation between the result coefficient and the risk. This means that even the football predictions from experts cannot guarantee the selected outcome. They definitely need to be trusted, but the final decision should be made independently.

A lot of sites, forums, and blogs with paid and free predictions are available on the Internet. Trust only those capers who work with large bookmakers. Qualitative football predictions for today are almost always accessible for money. Sometimes, though, experts publish them for free basis, trying to attract as many users as possible.

Proper use of football predictions allows you to achieve significant betting results in the bookmaker. But first, you need to study the rules and types of bets and find a decent capper. Then express football predictions will bring you the desired result!

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