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Professional football league in England is called the Premier League. It is one of the most famous and spectacular championships in the world. To get into the Premier League is the biggest dream of any football player because the level of rates here is very high. Among the European domestic championships, English is considered the most popular for sports betting.

Structure of the England Football Championship

In today’s mode, the league is functioning since 1991. Previously, its name was influenced by official sponsors, whom were changing every few years, but from 2016 they are not chosen. There are only 20 teams in the Premier League. Each of them conducts 38 matches from August to May. Its structure reminds of a corporation owned by those same 20 participating clubs that have a right to vote.

The first three teams of the tournament qualify for the group stage of the Champions League immediately, and the fourth one starts its way in the European competition from the qualifying round. The fifth football team goes directly to the Europa League. Аor the winners of the FA Cup and the Football League, there are special rules and conditions.

Most Famous Records of the Premier League

In the English championship, the records are constantly setting, some of which are also the world’s records. The most interesting achievements of teams and players are:

  • the maximum wins per season – 30 (Chelsea in 2016/17),
  • the minimum defeats in the season – 0 (Arsenal in 2003/04),
  • the largest number of missed goals – 89 (Derby County in 2007/08),
  • the lowest number of missed goals – 15 (Chelsea in 2004/05),
  • the most significant win – 9: 0 (match of Manchester United – Ipswich Town in 1995),
  • the record transfer amount is 85.3 million pounds (Gareth Bale transfer).

One article is indeed not enough to list all the records. If you are planning to make significant bets on the Premier League, you should get to know all the achievements. It will make you more erudite and confident of the fact that there are no predictable events in the sport.

How to Use the Predictions for the Premier League for Bets?

Due to the popularity of the Premier League, more and more bettors want to make sports bets in the BC. If you wish not only to try your luck but to get regular winnings, you should use the predictions for the Premier League matches. It’s quite difficult to predict the results by one’s own because the thing that characterizes the league is the high concentration of games. There are frequent cases where a visible favorite loses to an outsider.

Professional cappers usually make Premier League tour predictions. If you see information that the “expert” offers to buy the results of a contractual match, then be sure this is a fraudster. Professional teams earn vast amounts of money on sponsorships, ticket sales, and souvenirs, and they do not need to risk. But the busy schedule is also the point of influence, so even the top clubs are holding some matches frankly weak, retaining the strength for more meaningful competitions. Cappers make Premier League predictions today taking all these nuances into account.

The predictions of high quality are published on a fee basis, but sometimes you can find free ones. Specialists post them at popular football portals and in the media. It is better to bet on the Premier League in a reliable bookmaker’s office, having got to know the reviews about it, the events schedule, and the methods of financial transactions available firstly. With the use of analytics from sports experts, you can earn in BO!

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